Dream Shopping Spree

For my first link up with Story of My Life’s Blogtember, I’m going on a dream shopping spree. In my opinion, this is the BEST kind of shopping spree  – no financial limits, no one judging me (or myself for that matter) as I try things on and off in the mirror.  Just good ole oogling yummy eye candy that I find online. Today I’m sharing some of my fave online shops with a few treats and treasures from each place I love. This is not the WHOLE list… but definitely a few loves :)
 photo DreamShoppingSpree_zps9bfac3fd.png

1.  ASOS // Link to skirt here.

2.  JCrew // Link to sweater here.

3.  Gap //  Link to cords here.

4.  H&M (at long last you can FINALLY shop online!) // Link to vest here.

5.  Miz Mooz via ModCloth // Link to shoes here.

6.  JCrew // Link to skirt here.

7.  Target // Link to necklace here.

8.  JCrew // Link to shirt here.

So there you have it!  You can probably tell I’m dreaming and drooling for JCrew lately, but who doesn’t love their classic style!?  What are your fave online stores?  You can link up by following the button below!

4 thoughts on “Dream Shopping Spree

    • Isn’t that skirt to DIE for?? haha thanks so much for your sweet comment, Charlene! Fall definitely has me in the mood to shop, even though it is still too warm for sweaters, scarves, and boots :(

  1. I’ve been eyeing that striped necklace tee too – so perfect. And anything burgundy too. And while fall always makes me want to shop for this good stuff, I mind a little less this year that it’s still to warm for all of it since I can’t fit any of this stuff over my belly anyway :)

    • Anne, you are always so stylish especially now with your cute belly! I’m sure a necklace tee or two will be well deserved once your little one arrives :) Dare I say a small shopping spree could be justified as a “push present?” Thanks for the comment and for following!

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